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M3/1102 1966 Ford GT40

Blue Race Car Ford GT40 Mk III

Ford GT40 MK III Street Coupe
M3/1102 1966 Ford GT40

M3/1102 GT40 MK III was completed sometime late 1966 at J.W. Automotive in England. Delivered to Ford of England, it was used as a public relations / press car for Ford Advanced Vehicles and J.W. Automotive. Ultimately, it was gifted to John Wyer by the Ford Motor Company in recognition of his contribution to the GT40 program.

Only seven GT40 MKIIIs were built by Ford. Unlike any other chassis, the MKIII chassis’ were built strictly from the production blue prints. The Mark III is different from the Mark I because it was built as a road car. The MK III has an extended tail, opening door windows, raised front wings, twin headlights, central gear lever and the lack of a central tunnel.

The Ford GT40 MK III is a two door, two seat, high performance road or track car with unparalleled performance. Aerodynamically stable with low drag qualities, the MK III is patterned after the MK II road race cars. This adds to the structural strength of the body. According to the factory literature, the maximum power that has been recorded by the Mark III is 306 bhp at 6,000rpm and the maximum torque is 329 lb/ft at 4,200rpm.

The MKIII is the only street GT40, and it represents one of the most significant road going cars produced in the 1960s. It is also considered to be one of the most important Anglo/American sports cars produced in the post-war period.

On loan from the Miller Family Automobile Foundation.