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1966 Shelby Mustang GT350-S

”Factory Prototype Supercharged Shelby”

The 1964 debut of the Mustang changed the auto world forever, and from its arguably humble beginnings, it was the GT350 project led by Carroll Shelby that brought the new pony car to performance prominence with horsepower-laden racing and street GTs. One of the most historically significant Shelby America-built GT350s is the Shelby Mustang SFM6S051, the only GT350S ever produced. With the rare Ivy Green Metallic paint job, the 6S051 is the 1966 prototype for the Paxton-Supercharged GT350s. It is the first ’65-bodied Shelby Mustang to be painted in a color other than Wimbledon White and it is the only Shelby Mustang designated GT350-S. In 2013, the Shelby American Collection was honored to receive this magnificent historic car along with an extensive collection of memorabilia as a gift from the estate of Joyce and Steve Yates of Nashville, Indiana. It is rumored that the GT350-S was specifically designed for Carroll Shelby’s banker, who drag-raced it through the 1960s.⠀

Vehicle Details

Chassis Number: 6S051
Horsepower: 406 hp
Displacement: 8-cylinder, 289 ci (4.7 L)
Wheelbase: 108″