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Show your love for Shelby Automobiles and your support of the Shelby American Collection through a purchase of some of our quality merchandise. Whether on your wall in a beautiful lithograph, or on your back in a stylish Polar Fleece jacket, everyone will know you appreciate a good automobile when you see it!

If you would rather make a tax-deductible donation to the museum, please visit the donations section for an online donation form and donation contact information.

If you are outside the U.S.A or wish to place a very large order please contact our merchandise volunteer for a quote with proper shipping.

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SAC Commemerative Posters
As a part of the annual celebration, each year the Shelby American Collection produces a new poster showing a great moment in Shelby American history. Create a great Shelby artwork collection of your own with these beautiful posters. Be sure to come back each December to see the next in the series! All proceeds go towards the continued operations of the museum and for maintaining and expanding the collection.

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SAC Clothing
What better way to show your support for the museum, and your love of Shelby automobiles than by proudly displaying the SAC and Shelby Cobra logos and race history right on your back! SAC is pleased to offer this high quality line of Shelby related clothing.

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SAC Publications

Shelby Cars in Detail : Cars of the Shelby American Collection

Shelby Cars in Detail profiles a fascinating array of cars from the Shelby American Collection, Shelby’s official museum. They include the Cobra’s predecessor, the A.C. Ace-Bristol; race and street variants of 289 and 427 Cobras; the Daytona and Willment Coupes; the GT40 and innovative, high-tech Ford Mk IV J-Car; and the earliest GT350. This book presents the chassis histories of each of these fascinating cars, leading the reader through their individual specifications, provenance, and racing performances. Along with such well-known Shelby drivers as Ken Miles, Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, and Mario Andretti, the book also shares the racing exploits of fascinating independents, including Bob Johnson, Tom Payne, Dan Gerber, and Tommy Hitchcock.

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SAAC Publications

SAAC Shelby World Registry 1965-1966-1967

4TH Edition 2011

The latest edition of SAAC's World Registry, dedicated to 1965-1966-1967 Shelbys, is now available. It's been 14 years since the last registry was printed and in that time the club has compiled a stunning amount of new information and has dug even deeper into the production history of these cars. It's no wonder owners and enthusiasts refer to SAAC's registry as "The Bible."

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SAAC Shelby World Registry 1968-1969-1970

4TH Edition 2014

The latest edition of SAAC's World Registry, dedicated to 1968-1969-1970 Shelbys, is now available.

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SAAC 2008 World Registry - 4th Edition, Vol. 1: Cobras and GT40s

The latest edition of SAAC's World Registry, dedicated to Cobra's, GT40s, Ford GT and various other related race cars.

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SAC Special Commemorative Items
SAC belives in preserving the history of Shelby American and sharing it. To celebrate momentous events SAC will issue special limited edition merchandise. Here you will be able to purchase these very special items and support the efforts of SAC.

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