The Shelby American Collection is fortunate enough to display some of the most famous Shelby American cars ever built. This is made possible through the generosity of many Shelby owners and collectors. Many of the cars in the collection are still raced and shown in concours around the world. The cars that are shown on these pages represent a partial list of the total collection. And we will be adding more cars and more historical details over time.

1966 Shelby Mustang GT350-S

”Factory Prototype Supercharged Shelby” The 1964 debut of the Mustang changed the auto world forever, and from its arguably humble beginnings, it was the GT350 project led by Carroll Shelby that brought the new pony car to performance prominence with horsepower-laden racing and street GTs. One of the most historically significant Shelby America-built GT350s is…


1964 Rootes “Works” Rally Sunbeam Tiger

Carroll Shelby, under a contract with Rootes Group of England, built the 1964 Sunbeam Tiger 289 prototype, a high-performance V8 version of the Sunbeam Alpine roadster. The production Tiger was very close to the prototype developed by Shelby American. This Tiger, with serial number B9470035, is one of seven competition “Works” Tigers built by Rootes to compete in international rallies….